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50% of small and mid-sized businesses reported suffering at least one cyber attack
in the last year.*

But you’re not sure what this really means, do you?

What is the big deal with getting cyber attacked?

Before we tell you, here’s the deal. We’re not trying to scare you. We’re trying to keep you informed and prepared.

Getting cyber attacked as a person sucks. With all the entirely online services offered out there, someone getting access to your personal information means they’re able to:

>>> Steal your money by shopping with your credit cards or directly making transfers through online banking.
>>> Open new bank accounts and credit cards on your name.
>>> Ruin your credit.
>>> Abuse your Social Security number.
>>> Or, if they’re not sure how to do all this (and more), sell your information to someone who can.

Now consider this: why go after the personal information of one person when you can go after a business that stores the personal information of hundreds or thousands of people?

Cyber criminals aren’t stupid. They’re like entrepreneurs who have chosen the Dark Side. They think big and act fast.

And you better be prepared, because you’re not going to like what follows a cyber attack.

What actually happens after my business gets cyber attacked?

First, you’ll have to immediately notify all your customers that your systems have been cyber-attacked. This one is not a legal requirement yet, but your image is about to suffer massively anyway and you want to be as smart as possible about handling the situation — so you want your customers to hear this from you.

The moment you notify them, word gets around. Now is the time to call whoever said that there’s no such thing as bad press and ask them how to handle this hot potato. The damage to your reputation wouldn’t be exactly irreversible, but the fact that 60% of small businesses that are victims of a cyber attack go out of business within six months* speaks for itself. If you don’t have the cash to ride that wave of discontent, there’s a big chance you’ll become part of that statistic.

But it doesn’t stop there. Chances are here come the lawsuits. Your customers will want compensation and the better lawyers they can afford, the worse things will get for you.

Even if you go through all this and you’re still in business, you’ll have to invest in rebuilding your digital systems and basically start all over again.

Hey, just reminding you that we’re not here to scare you, okay? We’re here to prepare you. But before we tell you how, here’s one more thing we want you to know.

It’s not a question of IF, it’s a question of WHEN.

Wondering if you’ll ever be cyber-attacked is like wondering whether there will be a next economic crisis. We live in a digital world — the longer you stay in business and the more successful you are, the higher your chances of being noticed by criminals.

This applies to you even more if your business stores and works with the personal information of many people. Are you or are your employees:

>> Mortgage professionals
>> Loan officers
>> Insurance brokers
>> Accountants & Tax Professionals
>> Financial Planners
>> Medical Professionals

>> Or someone who needs sensitive information to do their job?

Then you better act fast.

No, your anti-virus software isn’t enough of a protection.

We know you’ve probably invested a lot in a good anti-virus program and that’s great, but in the times we live in, it isn’t enough.

Since the cyber-attacks are performed and constantly perfected by humans, protection requires human touch too — including constant monitoring, implementation of prevention strategies, and immediate reaction if there’s any suspicious activity.

The simplest explanation you’ll ever read about what the Dark Web is.

Like so many things that have changed our lives, the Dark Web was also first created by the US Government. In short, this is a space on the web that can only be accessed through certain software or requires special authorization. This makes it extra secure. Content from the Dark Web doesn’t show in search engines, and “normal” people can’t access it. Which makes it the perfect place for hackers and criminals. Today, it is commonly used to accommodate the sale of drugs, guns and, you guessed it, personal data.

What we do to protect you and why we’re your best choice.

Dark Web audit and monitoring is a relatively new service, but certainly, one that’s gaining popularity these days. This is exactly why you should be extra careful with who you choose. There are companies out there who just want to ride the wave and aren’t as skilled as they appear to be in protecting your business from digital con-men. How to know whether they are skilled or not? First of all, they should be following a proven process to ensure your security.

Here’s our process:

It Starts With An Audit

Our proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm is designed to detect an already existing breach in your system faster than most similar products that currently exist.
>> We go deeper in our search.
>> We’re more thorough and don’t neglect even low-risk threats.
>> We have an extensive database that we’re constantly screening.

We Monitor the Dark Web — But Even More

While the Dark Web is a preferred location for trading personal data and stolen credentials, and we do monitor it constantly and extensively, we also use additional tools and technology to detect criminal activities that may be happening even outside of the Dark Web.

If a criminal community is targeting your industry, or your business specifically, we do everything in our power to know and react immediately.

Trained Employees Are Your Best Defense

Even if you can recognize a good phishing e-mail (which is an e-mail designed to look like it’s from a professional company where they ask you for personal information), chances are not all of your employees can.

While some of those are an obvious scam, others are executed so well and create urgency in such an emotional way that people often react instantly, without thinking. A good example is an e-mail from your bank or online payment system saying there’s been a breach in your account or something similar. Anyone who’s not trained to recognize this as a scam is easily susceptible.

And this is just one example. Your team is constantly bombarded with links, attachments, e-mails that sometimes do the job of stealing information automatically. Not just that, but they often use passwords that just don’t do the trick, sometimes on their professional accounts — and we’re able to detect that.

This is why we provide systemized, continuous training to your employees, plus we test them by sending phishing e-mails once in a while and evaluating their response.

Purchase Your Credential Audit to see if you're exposed.

To get started purchase a credential and password audit for just $12.

With the purchase of The Audit, we’ll evaluate your domain and where you are in terms of being protected across the public and dark web.

At least you'll know if your company is currently at risk.

Work With Experts

SecureMassive’s founder is an entrepreneur with a rich technical background and over (10) ten years of experience in cybersecurity.

Our team consists of professionals who are all:

>> Experienced. Preventing cyber attacks isn’t for the faint-hearted.
>> Extensively trained and continue to learn — because so do the criminals.
>> Devoted professional who are ready to react 24/7 — because it’s the kind of job where instant action is key.

Our Results Speak For Themselves

Due to pretty obvious reasons, we can’t disclose the names of clients that we’ve literally saved from crashing and burning. But we can share this anonymous data:

>> We’ve helped businesses double their revenue by providing reliable protection which gives owners peace of mind and accommodates safe, comfortable growth.
>> We’ve made digital marketing safer and more effective for a few companies that operate with personal data.
>> We’ve saved thousands of dollars in potential losses for mortgage brokers specifically.
>> We’ve helped companies increase productivity by giving them the freedom to use software they previously deemed insecure.
>> We’ve helped companies get back on their feet after getting cyber attacked and prevent more serious consequences.

Purchase Your Credential Audit to see if your exposed.

To get started, purchase a credential and password audit for the price of a couple cups of coffee.

With the purchase of The Audit, we’ll evaluate your domain and where you are in terms of being protected across the public and dark web.

At least you'll know if your company is currently at risk.

Add to Your Defense Arsenal

Checked to see if your credentials are already exposed on the full web. We'll scour public databases as well as against our dark web scour proocol.

Our tools protect you and build on top of your anti-virus. With active domain monitoring to check if passwords get exposed and employee email training to help them identify phishing emails.  

Regardless of who you choose , you need to have these two tools. Get an audit today to check your current status.

At least you'll know if you're breached and can fix the situation quickly. You can then determine your next steps.

Our Commitment to Affordability

While everyone has their way to contribute to the world, the need for our services is currently higher than it’s ever been.

This inspires us to keep our rates fair and competitive, so that we can offer excellence, but also help as many small to mid-sized businesses and hard-working professionals as we can.

If you get offers from multiple providers of Dark Web monitoring and cyber-attack protection (which you should), we’d be happy to take a look at them and try to provide the best value for money.